The next best thing to being at home. That's why we board our greyts at Lesley’s. The dogs love it and we have peace of mind.

Dick & Barbara Hyland

My pups love their visits with Lesley and her wonderful resident greyhounds. It is like they are going to a fun summer camp away from home. Lesley is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. I always know my hounds are in good hands!

Brooke Odom

I always board my dogs at the Greyhound Playground. They love it there and I know they are well cared for by someone who really KNOWS greyhounds… I would recommend Lesley to anyone that needs a place for their greyhound to “vacation”!.

Kelly Rask


Catering to the needs of greyhounds for 7 years
I have been involved in greyhound adoption for the last 8 years and currently have 10 residents. I am also a founding member and president of It's A Grey Area Greyhound Adoption.

Greyhounds have needs that are not fulfilled at typical boarding facilities. Concrete runs, varying temperatures, small yappy dogs and being alone all night in unfamiliar surroundings can create a very unhappy and miserable experience for your greyhound. After such experiences, many greyhounds return home skinny and unhealthy.

At the Greyhound Playground your dogs are allowed free run of the house with my crew, get personal attention and are in a home environment. I only use kenneling when I need to be away from home, which is usually for a very short time during the day. Dogs are allowed to sleep where they like, even on the couch or perhaps in the bed with me!

It is my promise that I will keep your pet safe and comfortable during your time away from them.

** other breeds considered on an individual basis. Please call me to discuss.

At the Greyhound Playground, greyhounds are not just dogs, they are treated like members of the family… and they know it! We've never seen dogs so happy than at Lesley's Greyhound Playground! And the facilities at Lesley Tierney's Greyhound Playground are perfect for the dogs: They can run in a very large area, lounge on comfortable sofas and beds, and even make new friends. For our Greyhound, it's a real home-away-from-home! It's such a great place! You can just feel the love and affection that Lesley lavishes on each and every dog!

Susie and Irving Koch